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Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Cyprus being the third largest island in the Mediterranean has risen strategic, political, commercial and religious interests all through history. This charm of Northern Cyprus has provided its visitors with incomparable mystic, spiritual, comfortable and peaceful vacation. Northern Cyprus is the intersection point of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. The closest neighbors are; Turkey, Southern Cyrus, Lebanon, Greece, Egypt, Israel and Syria. With its unique beach, plains and mountains, Northern Cyprus has 396 km of coast. In addition, its history and geographic location has given it a surprising synthesis of eastern and western cultures. Civilizations which date all the way back to 11 thousand years, rich multicultural heritages and relics are dispersed all around the island, which gives it an unique beauty.

Nothern Cyprus’s official language is Turkish. English is also being  used commonly. 

%99 İslam, %1 Orthodox, Maronite ve Catholic

Ercan Airport is located 12 km at the east of Northern Cyprus’s capital Lefkoşa.

International phone code is + 90 392. 
Internet can be accessed through all cities, villages, hotels and cyber coffees.In addition you may use your mobile phone all through the island.

The roads are just like in England from the left hand side. Seat belt use is mandatory. All signs and road structures are in correlation with international standards. 

Turkish Lira is being used in Cyprus.You may change your currency from the hotels, banks and exchange bureaus. Majority of the credit cards can also be used.

Northern Cyprus time zone: GMT + 2 

In TRNC the electrical voltage is 240 and the BS standard is used. 220/240 Volts A / C with 3 adapter is used.

Emergency Numbers

Fire 199
Police 155
Forest fire 177
Emergency medical aid 112
Coastal Security 158
Meteorology 166

Between May and October the average sea temperature is 24 C and you may access restaurants, cafeterias and bars alond with umbrellas in case of need. In addition activities like waterslide, banana, jet-ski, parasailing etc. are available.

The most popular gifts which are purchased are; copper, silver, bronz and wodden goods, Turkish dolls, Popüler hediyelikler arasında bakır, gümüş, bronz ve tahta eşyalar, Türk oyuncak bebekleri, Meerschaum pipels, backgammon games, gold jewelery, leather jackets and textiles can be bought at cheap prices. Prices are stable and there is no barter exchange in Northern Cyprus. Shops are open between 8.00-13.00 and 15.30-20.00. At Sundays they are only open in the mornings. Handcrafts outside the pottery are not intended for tourists. It is against the law to remove antiques from the country.

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